Sunday, January 9, 2011

Ultramarine movie!

Hi all,

Well some of you may have heard about the Ultramarine film produced by Codex Pictures. I was lucky on thursday to FINALLY receive my collectors copy. Putting aside the lengthy wait i must say I enjoyed the characters, interesting plot, great soundtrack and gothic feel. Graphically I think they did rather well considering the small budget. I hope that all their work doesn't get thrown in their faces by the filesharing pirate community of which many of their target market is.

Monday, January 3, 2011


Hello there friends and readers, if you have ever visited this blog before you may notice it has changed a bit. I really wanted to make a new start with this blog, as I have not been involved with it much for the last 9 months. Well here I am making amends :P.

Seeing as this is a Hobby blog I may as well get blogging...Well what am i working on at the moment? For Warhammer 40,000 I am working on a Witch Hunter army, they are a work in progress and i have about two and a half squads completed for the 1500 point list. Its a pure battle sister army except for the priest and penitent engine. For Warhammer I am working on a 2000 point Bretonnian army. I have about 6 knights painted and about half a unit of men at arms done too, also a couple of paladins ahve been completed, photos of which i am posting today. I also am busting to do a War of the Ring Minas Tirith army...

So I was thinking this morning about how most of the hobbyists i know have some kind of long term project they are working on, albeit irregularly, which every now and then they do a little work on then leave it for a little while. My main question to you, the reader, is... What is your long term project? Tell me about it, you may inspire other hobbyists who read this to greater heights of hobby goodness. I have two long term hobby project, one involves space marines and the other one involves loads and loads of zombies, which you will become more aware of over the next few months. :)

At the end of each blog I am going to mention "paint jobs of the week" what i mean is just what I have been painting this week... This week I have been painting some Battle sisters with flamers and the big exciting thing I have been painting this week is the new Hell Pit Abomination! I can't post photos of it however if you stop by your Local Games Workshop store you will be able to have a peek at the new model :)

And now for some Bretonnians...